Additional Benefits

Company-paid time off, education reimbursement, and work/life balance programs round out NWS’ generous offerings of top-tier employee benefits.

Paid Time Off

NWS team members accrue paid time off (PTO) according to a plan that takes into account years of employment with the company. NWS PTO includes both vacation days and paid holidays. Our PTO policy, with respect to the 10 federal holidays, is very flexible because an employee can choose the specific time to take off rather than be forced into specific holidays.

NWS also provides hours each calendar year for sickness, illness or when employees need to take time off for medical, dental or vision care appointments.

Educational Opportunities

Your personal and professional growth is of great importance to NWS. That’s why we provide numerous educational opportunities to you. Whether you are undergoing training vital to your current job, gaining the skills you need to advance your career, or completing a degree program, NWS provides you with a wealth of resources. Plus, we offer you job-related subscriptions and memberships and the tools necessary to be successful each and every day.

Employee Assistance

NWS is pleased to provide confidential Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) benefits for you and your family. Benefits include up to three face-to-face visits per family member, per year, per issue, from a nationwide network of more than 25,000 private practitioners; unlimited telephone consultations; access to a comprehensive, online database of everyday home and family issues; and access to lifestyle and wellness benefits. Once your needs have been determined, you’ll be matched with qualified service providers, and supported with referrals, information and consultations.

Interest-Free Computer Loans

NWS will provide eligible employees with a two-year, interest-free loan for the purchase of a computer and/or associated computer-related equipment upon request.

Commuter Benefits

Employees who use public transportation to commute from home to work can receive up to the maximum allowable per month under current Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations tax-free through the SmarTrip program with Metro or in company paid parking at the job site.

Employee Discounts

NWS offers money-saving opportunities for products and services such as: discounts on memberships to wholesale clubs, movie passes and discounts on car rentals.